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A BRIGHT SMILE is, without question, the MOST convincing form of communication



Our staff members have a firm conviction that the patients treated by us are among the finest people in the world. We are delighted to welcome you to join our dental family and look forward to serving you!


We feel privileged to be part of our patients' health care team. Medical research has shown a strong link between oral health and good overall health. With that in mind, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you to establish and maintain both a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

We always welcome NEW PATIENTS!

We look forward to providing a dental experience you will want to share with others. Please feel free to pass our name along to your friends and loved ones. Thank you for choosing us as your dental health providers and we appreciate your referrals.

Red Toothbrush

We promise to provide compassionate, uncompromising care of the highest quality to each of our patients.

We will respect each patient individually in delivering this care comfortably, and with the pleasure which we find in our work.

Doctors and staff will always be available to each patient to address any concerns and to answer any questions.

All of us pledge that we will display the highest degree of integrity and honesty in all aspects of our relationship.



  1. Periodic dental visits to regularly evaluate oral health

  2. Periodic dental x-rays as indicated to find hidden dental disease

  3. Regular professional prophylaxis (dental cleanings)

  4. Eat a balanced diet of foods containing adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, keeping the intake of sugar and starches to a minimum.

  5. Use proper toothbrushing methods regularly (after every meal when possible) and use dental floss at least once daily.

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