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Fees & Insurance

We are committed to provide you with the best possible care. This is our goal and the basis of our recommendations to you regardless of your method of payment. If you have dental insurance, we are delighted to help you receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to achieve these goals, we need your assistance and your understanding of our payment policy.

Payment for service is due at the time it is rendered. We accept cash, checks, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. If you are unable to meet this arrangement, we ask that you discuss other options prior to being seen. We have multiple payment plans that may suit your individual needs.

If you have dental insurance, it is important to remember that coverage is an agreement between you, your current or past employer and the insurance company. We are NOT a party to that contract. We are happy to process your insurance electronically, which allows for more accurate information transfer and for the claim to be settled as soon as possible. Any such request to file insurance must be accompanied by complete insurance information at your first visit.

Again, we emphasize that as dental care providers, our relationship is with you, not your insurance company. While filing claims is our opportunity to serve you, all charges are your responsibility.

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